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Sweet Crepes

Lemon and Sugar

The quintessential classic French crêpe.

Cinnamon and Sugar

Creamy brown butter, cinnamon and sugar.


Brûléed marshmallows and graham crackers drenched with chocolate sauce. The campfire classic!

Nutella and Fruit

Nutella and your choice of strawberries or bananas, stiff-peaked with whipped cream. One bite and you’ll be hooked like a ladder on a second-story window.

Apple Crisp

Fresh apples spiced with nutmeg, cloves and ginger. Smothered with sweet and crunchy oat streusel and salted caramel sauce.
Make it a la mode! (+2)

Lemon Berry Crumble

Sauteed mixed berries, sweet and crunchy oat streusel drizzled with sweet-tart lemon glaze.
Make it a la mode! (+2)


Cream cheese pastry and graham crackers with your choice of mixed berries, sweet-tart lemon glaze or a divine chocolate and salted caramel sauce.

Savory Crepes

4 Cheese

Melted smoked Gouda, Parmesan, mozzarella and cheddar cheeses.

Bacon, Spinach and Mushroom (BSM)

Crispy bacon, spinach and mushrooms topped with Parmesan and mozzarella cheeses. Call on the BSM to satisfy your bacon craving!

Bacon, Spinach and Tomato (BST)

More bacon PLEASE! Crispy bacon, spinach, ripe tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and lemon Parmesan sauce. You asked for no mushrooms, you got it!


What is a Gushroom you ask? Sauteed mushrooms, garlic, asparagus and caramelized onions gushing with melted Brie cheese. You’ll be sure this is not a false alarm with your first bite!


Herb-roasted chicken, fresh green apples, smoked Gouda cheese paired with caramelized onions. This crepe will extinguish any hunger emergency!

Monte Cristo

Herb roasted chicken, sliced ham, Gruyère cheese and sweet-tart raspberry jam smothered with Fire Truck Crepes’ homemade “Awesome Sauce.” The Chief loves this one!

Steak and Cheese

Braised rib eye steak, caramelized onions, bell peppers and mozzarella cheese smothered with Fire Truck Crepes’ homemade “Awesome Sauce.”

Junior Firefighter Menu

Jr. Hot Dog

PB & J Crepe

Ham & Cheese Crepe

Firehouse Dogs

Rookie Hot Dog

Chief's Chili Cheese Dog



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